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Funny Things that Carnivores Do

My friend Sonya is a carnivore, so much so that I hesitate to mention the word “veggie” around her because of the looks and sounds of disgust that it is sure to provoke. I am not vegetarian, but I have an affinity for the veggie diet because sometimes I like to think I’m a healthy eater.

Lately, I’ve been drinking soymilk (in addition to regular milk) because it is healthy and because I like the way it tastes. (Yes, really. Although, I’ve only tried vanilla soymilk, so I can’t comment on the other kinds.) Somehow, Sonya and I began discussing this new habit of mine, and after the looks and sounds passed, I mentioned to Sonya that soymilk really isn’t gross—it’s just made from beans. My mistake. Sonya must think beans are gross.

I was amused because I really don’t see how anyone can be so against beans, so I said, “Well, regular milk comes from a cow’s udder” and made a little face. I was only trying to make a point—that soymilk is no more bizarre than regular milk. Sonya may really have gotten my point. It’s been a few weeks now, and the other day she told me that she poured a tall glass of milk and then couldn’t drink it because the image of a cow’s udder came into her mind.

I feel a little bad. I don’t want Sonya’s bones to become brittle just because I was trying to make a point. Really, though, I think it’s funny.

Enjoyed all your entries. Waiting for more.

Posted by: Mom on July 31, 2002 08:12 AM