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Wales I May, Wales I Might



I’ve been trying to convince David that we should take a big trip soon. I don’t know how successful I’ve been, but maybe once he sees this picture, he’ll want to go to Wales with me! It is Three Cliffs Bay, on the Gower Peninsula. Even though I’ve already been there, I want (long, yearn, beg daily) to go back.

I know that beauty is all around me, but I’ve hardly ever noticed it as much as I did on that one day trip to the Gower. (A failure on my part, I know.) It was the most awesome sight I had ever seen—not necessarily more beautiful than any other place, but so different from my past experience and so vast that I felt like I was inside a storybook.


Muir Woods in Marin County, CA, felt like a storybook too, but the book had a different theme. Instead of vast and breathtaking, it was dark, quiet, old, and secret. I like both themes, but since we’ve already seen Muir Woods together, maybe the Gower can be one of our next stops.

Perchance to dream….

You really should go there Dave!

Posted by: Erin on February 26, 2003 03:40 PM