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I Canty Believe my Eyes

Thomas Canty, Mariel of Redwall

I started collecting fantasy art trading cards this past summer when I went to a Toy and Comic Book Convention with David. While he was off searching for action figures, I discovered a booth that had boxes and boxes full of tiny cards with fantasy art on them (mini book covers, etc.), and then proceeded to have a tremendous amount of fun searching through them for the ones I liked. That day, I bought several Frank Frazetta and Maxfield Parish cards. Since then, I’ve bought some Whelan cards and some Disney Snow White cards through eBay.

I decided to collect only the cards that I like rather than trying to complete sets, and since many of the cards don’t appeal to me, I’m not in danger of spending too much money on this hobby. (They are pretty cheap anyway.)

My latest acquisition—a full set of Thomas Canty cards! I know, I know, I just said I’m not in the business of collecting sets, but really, I like every single card in this one.

I discovered Thomas Canty a few weeks ago at an Antiques and Collectibles Show at West Town Mall. I’ve never read a book for which he painted the cover. I probably won’t anytime soon (my bookshelves are already full of books that I need to read one day), but his art is almost enough to make me want to! The themes and images are, of course, familiar (since a lot of fantasy stories are stock stories), but he treats them well.

At least I think so.

“Rose and Thorn: The Art of Thomas Canty”

Thomas Canty, Dandelion Wine

Thomas Canty, White Raven