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Christmas Log

Christmas was fun this year. We went to David’s parents for Christmas Dinner and then the whole party came to our house for dessert, or should I say desserts, and presents. We had some wassail to go with our desserts and the festive (LOUD) sounds made possible by the karoke machine that David’s grandparents got for Brianna, David’s cousin. (Ah—if only the karoke CD had had “Here We Come A-Wassailing” on it!)

There were no major family mishaps—just a small dispute over which and how many cars to take to our house and then some throwing up in our bathroom by David’s kindergarten aged cousin, Abigail. (She would not partake of the wassail, by the way, and I think that may have been her problem. She refused everything on our table and would only settle for pizza or an orange, even though this was the DESSERT party. Her mom opted for the orange to ward off any future stomach upheaval.) Some might say the Karoke machine was a mishap, but I’m glad Brianna loved it. David’s dad and uncle Jim seemed to enjoy it too. They serenaded Mam-maw with I’ll Fly Away before the night was over.

We crowded into our family room and made a mess of wrapping paper, ribbon, and little bits of styrofoam on the floor. When it was all over, David and I were left with three pie halves, almost a whole coconut cake, several cookies, and all our presents to enjoy. I’m glad my parents came the next weekend to help us with the eating. My blood lipid level needed them.

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My favorite Christmas moments this year were:

Opening presents with David (a few on Christmas Eve but most first thing Christmas morning, like when we were kids)

Eating at the beautiful table set by David’s mom with poinsetta napkins folded to stand up, pretty Christmas place settings, and candles

Hearing Mam-maw fuss about getting too many presents from everyone

Forcing David to sing Christmas Carols with me on the way to Christmas Dinner at his parent’s house

Going to the Zoo with David and my parents the weekend after Christmas—when all the animals were given leftover Christmas trees to play with or chew on

I wish I could have given them some wassail.

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