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Time to dust off the cauldron

Eureka! At work, I found these instructions in the back of a Justice of the Peace Record Book from 1836-1859, in between a page with community members’ birthdays written down for remembrance and a page on which the JP practiced making his fancy J’s and S’s. I’m sure they’ll come in handy, what with all the confusing and wishy-washy health talk of today.

For The Piles
Take a half Teaspoonful of the Cream of Tarter and as much Sulpher and mix them together in Honey. Take this once a day; and make an ointment with Tobacco stewed in muttons tallow, hogs lard to anoint the part that comes down.

To put a beeling/buling* when the bones is coming out
* Darn it. I can’t make this word out. I wish he had been clearer.
Take the white of 2 hen eggs and beat well together, Then take 2 grains of bluestone and 2 grains of Allum, grind it to powder and mix it with the egg, then take 2 tablespoonfull of brandy and 2 tablespoonfull of Honey and mix the whole together in a bottle, shake it well.

For The Rheumatism
Take 1 pint hog lard, one tablespoonful race ginger, one ditto black pepper, 4 pods red pepper, one handful strong tobacco, one handful red worms mix well all together and simmer it over a slow fire until it becomes an oil. Then strain it through a wet cloth. For use wash the part affected with spirits, and then anoint with oil.

The Justice of the Peace also recorded the following information. He sure was a helpful fellow:

Dry Measure

2 Pints make 1 Quart
2 Quarts, 1 Pottle
2 Pottles, 1 Gallon
2 Gallons, 1 Peck
4 Pecks, 1 Bushel Land measure
(5 Pecks, 1 Bushel watter measure)
4 Bushels, 1 comb. or half quarter
2 Combs, 1 Quarter
4 Quarters, 1 Chalder
5 Quarters, 1 Wey
2 Weys, 1 Last or 10 qrs.

4 Fatts or Vatts or 36 bushels of seacoal=1 Chalder

21 Chalders is accounted a score in the river Thames.

Note, by an act passed Anno 1712, the bushel is 2178 cubic inches, and a Gallon of this measure is 272 cubic inches.