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U R A 10, Cutie Pie

Valentine’s Day used to irritate me, the perpetually single. Then, six years ago, I got the best Valentine’s Gift. He’s been around ever since and ever since Valentine’s Day has been a delight. (I still think it rather odd that people need a special day to remind them to be loving and lovable, but I’m sure Hallmark and all the florists disagree with me.)

So, in the Valentine’s spirit, I hark back to my elementary school days when I couldn’t wait to drop my Valentines into all the little hand-decorated, heart-besieged paper bags of my classmates and then open my own bag to find Superman and Smurf paper perforated cards with really big crayon-drawn messages on them just for me. That was fun.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Has it really been six years.

Time flies when your having fun.

And only twenty years since you rolled down the hills in West Virginia.

Enjoyed reading all of your new stuff.

Posted by: Mom on February 21, 2003 02:34 PM

Hey! I remember that Valentine's Day! What a great memory! I love you guys!

Posted by: Erin on February 26, 2003 03:38 PM