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Purty Paintings

We bought these oil paintings at the Dogwood Arts Festival Home and Garden Show on Sunday. I normally don’t go for still lives and such. The colors in these two are so nice in person, though, and the bird in the corner of the still life is so sweet, that we decided to get these and apply them as second anniversary gifts (although our anniversary isn’t until March). David is giving me the still life and I’m giving him the blue jays.

The jays are on our mantle now. The background of the painting goes well with the stone fireplace. Also, the background has a different finish than the jays themselves. It is glazed (we think) and reacts differently to light. We didn’t notice this effect until we got home, but we like it.

We still haven’t settled on a place for the still life. It is sitting on the floor, which makes me feel like a collector, like I have so many paintings that my floors are overflowing with them. Of course, I’m just being silly.

Both paintings are very nice.

We are both partial to the birds.

Why a second anniversary gift?

Posted by: Mom on March 1, 2003 07:48 AM