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Ah those tricky words.

We have an old dictionary on an old dictionary stand at work. I passed it today and noticed the call word on top of the page that the previous word-seeker had left open.

The word was myriangiales.

I thought, “What a beautiful word!” and proceeded to read the definition.

myriangiales: An order of fungi (subclass Euascomycetes) having a single ascus in each chamber of the well-developed and often gelatinous stroma (from Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, 1976)
How beautiful indeed. (I suppose even gelatinous would be a pretty word to someone who didn’t know its meaning, who couldn’t call up all the icky images associated with it.)

The above picture shows damage done by one of the species in the order myriangiales, called elsinoe fawcetti, or Citrus Scab.

Even the picture’s kind of pretty from far away.

The following line sounds like something Gandalf would say:

"one of the species in the order myriangiales, called elsinoe fawcetti"

And the picture looks like an alien planet. Definitely a homeworld of the Royal House of Ascus - the Gel Planet.

Posted by: Daser on March 6, 2003 11:52 PM

I am currently working my PhD on citrus scab. Unfortunately there are no enough literature on it, except very few from Florida University. Please send me any literature you find on this disease.
Thank you

Posted by: Eshetu Derso on April 22, 2003 04:20 AM