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Our Little Bachelorette

My friend Lake, from high school, called last night. She said:

“Guess What’s On?”
“The Bachelor.”

I immediately thought of that movie preview with Chris O’Donnell where all the brides are chasing him up a hill, but she went on:

“Guess who’s one of the bachelorettes?”
“Anne Michelle from high school.”
“Oh my God.”

We proceeded to watch the show to see if the Bachelor blessed her with one of his “you can stay” roses. Every time Anne Michelle was on screen I’d say, “There she is.” Then a few seconds later, Lake, whose TV signal reached her slightly later, would utter the same words. The granting of the roses took forever. I asked Lake if it was always like that, because “I’ve never watched it before.”

“You’ve never watched it!?”

I had just finished watching Enterprise, if that’s any indication of my TV schedule.

Well, Anne Michelle got a rose, so we’ll be staying tuned to see if she’ll be getting married soon. I told Lake about the time Anne Michelle, two other girls, and myself had a quadruple date to the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Before the dance, we decorated Anne Michelle’s house like a Mexican restaurant and made a Mexican dinner for our dates. It was fun (and, yes, kind of geeky).

Maybe she’ll cook for the Bachelor.

Now if only I had applied to be on Colonial House like I wanted!

Meet Anne Michelle

Update, April 10

Anne Michelle got a rose last night (she was the first one he picked), so it looks like we'll be tuning in again next week. She is now one of the final 10 hotties.

They really go out of their way to make that rose ceremony melodramatic and LONG. Poor girls.

It's all just so riveting.

Posted by: Wendy on April 10, 2003 09:31 AM

She is one of the final six now. Sealed with a kiss in the hot tub. She'll have to watch out for Tina Fabulous and Kirsten, though.

It went on for two hours last night! Two hours. Right around 10pm Lake clued me in to the fact that we were in for another hour. I had dishes to do (during commercials, of course), so I hung up the phone. Some people don't get to live in a villa and flirt with Firestones all their waking hours.

Posted by: Wendy on April 17, 2003 09:04 AM

Well, Andrew let Anne-Michelle go last night, but she seemed to take it well. I had planned to stop watching after she was refused a rose, but Lake has convinced me to stay tuned to see how the the fates of Andrew and the final four turn out. I think I know who'll be left standing, but that Andrew threw me for a loop last night. I think one of the girls basically scared him into picking her. I won't name any names, though. That would be "Jr. High" of me.

Posted by: Wendy on April 24, 2003 09:10 AM

hi, i'm a big fan of anne-michelle. After watching her on the bachelor, i think that she's a very friendly and lovely person. i was wondering if u guys have her e-mail address or if possible, her mailing address. thanks.

Posted by: jaz on November 28, 2003 07:39 AM