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Finally, I can get up for a soda

The advertisements for upcoming movies and shows that periodically bubble up from the bottom of the screen while I’m watching my favorite SciFi “events” annoy me. I’m too easily distracted to ignore them and sometimes they pop up at inconvenient times, like when some child of Dune from House Atreides is saying something that will help me follow an already baffling plot (well, a plot baffling to people like me who haven’t read the books yet).

I do, however, adore the self-advertisments/mini-movies that SciFi inserts between commercials. The past few weeks, whenever I watched SciFi, I kept an eye out for the cutest of these little movies—the one with the pet and the tongue. (It doesn’t sound so cute in that description, does it?) David hadn’t seen it yet and I knew he’d like it too. So, whenever I caught it, I called him into the room, but the slowpoke always missed it. (Mini-movies don’t wait for anyone.)

Last night I gave up on happenstance and went to the SciFi website, where I found this page. You can watch the mini-movies with QuickTime or download desktops of some still images from the movies.

My favorite is Tattoo Man, the perfect combination of creepiness and beauty. It mesmerizes me even more than the threat of Mr. T’s wrath, which used to keep me on the couch during commercials when I was a kid.