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Saved Before the Mower

Sweet David picked these for me before mowing the field yesterday. He’s mowing again tonight to get the rest of the yard and will be mowing the remainder of the upper field tomorrow. Mowing and gardening in general are the main reasons we plan on advising and teasing his brother to get a condo now that he’s looking to buy a home. We have too much yard for novice homeowners. Perhaps the new lawn tractor will help.

Then again, without the great big field, we’d have no great big weedy flowers to call pretty and photograph.

These pictures don’t show it, but the flowers have a lavender tint to them that can only be seen up close.

Great! Now you can really start farming. Must have got the lawn tractor over the week-end. The flowers are very pretty.

Just started ready the 100 things about Wendy on your About Me site. Well try to think of one to at least make it 101.

Take care, love you

Posted by: Mom on June 10, 2003 07:45 AM