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100 Things

I’ve completed my 100 Things About Me and submitted it to the ring. I know it sounds really tedious (and it probably is for the reader), but I enjoyed making it. I approached mine like a vague self-portrait or autobiography made of snippets and memories. I wrote the “things” and told David how I wanted the site to look and work. Then, he (my Super Graphic Designer Man) took my idea and the border I picked out from Briar Press and made it all look pretty. At least, I think so. I don’t expect many people to read it, but I’m posting about it anyway. I have to clean house when I get home, so I had to come up with something easy today.

Instead of making one long list page, I made a separate page for each “thing.” A reader can navigate by clicking on “next” or “previous” or by clicking randomly on a number. I thought clicking randomly would be fun and book-like and perhaps less daunting than reading a long list.

My parents have already discovered the link to it on the About page, where it will live. Mom read it all and said she enjoyed it. Of course, she has a biased interest in me. My dad has read some of it. When we talked on the phone last night, he teased me about having an ego big enough to write 100 things about myself. I suppose he’s right, but I take heart in knowing that the experience was fun for me and that hundreds of other people (in the web ring and elsewhere) have egos too.