Other Wind
12 / June12 / June12 / June

Like the Unicorn


Once I shone afar like a
Snow-covered mountain.
Now I am lost like
An arrow shot in the dark.
He is gone and I must learn
To live alone and
Sleep alone like a hermit
Buried deep in the jungle.
I shall learn to go
Alone, like the unicorn.

I’ve been drawn to reading poetry lately. Perhaps the trip with Mr. Scarbrough pushed me in its direction. A few nights ago, I stumbled across this beautiful, lonely stanza from The Love Poems of Marichiko by Kenneth Rexroth. I read the stanza again last night, after Martha left, and I was struck by how much it reminded me of all my thoughts about her. I’m always a little dumbstruck by the connectivity of things, by the coincidences of thought and experience that occur whenever I think I’ve found something important or beautiful.