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Friday, June 27 2003

Our technical difficulties that started last weekend have now been sorted out. “Orange-sickle” (below) is the only post I was able to make in Movable Type while they hung around, but I still couldn’t get it to publish. I have posts for Tuesday-Thursday at home that I will put into Movable Type and publish tonight.

This morning started with a dental appointment, which could have been a horrible beginning to the new week. But, I like my dentist. I’ve never had to sit more than a few minutes in his waiting room, and he is the most energetic and friendliest doctor I’ve encountered. Also, he has this cool TV with a small camera on a wand attached so he can show patients what the inside of their mouths look like. You can see all your problem areas and be so disgusted you decide to start flossing for real or you can see what a good little brusher you’ve been. My teeth looked fine this morning, according to the dentist, even after the hygienist poked around with her sharp tools.

I chose orange-sickle flavored fluoride. It’s as yummy as fluoride gets. I thought my choice a fitting one considering the room in which my appointment took place—the Orange Room. All the furniture and counter tops were bright, deep orange. To a stranger in Knoxville, this orange might suggest a 1970s retro feel, but East Tennesseeans know it as homage to the Vols. It is the Big Orange, and while it’s overpowering presence around town usually annoys me, it made me happy this morning. It fits my happy dentist.

Now my teeth have that glossy smoothness that never lasts long enough.

This is my first post since Wednesday. My friend Marshall visited this weekend, which means the weekend was fun, despite the bratty kid that kicked and “eewed” directly behind our movie seats. Poor Marshall even had to put up with an unhappy squirming toddler right next to him—the kind that drops her sippy cup every three seconds.