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Micah (Excerpt 5)

(This excerpt picks up where excerpt 3 leaves off.)

These were the only visitors Micah had seen all day. The sky portended enough bad weather to keep most people at home or in the park lodges and atriums, even if the clouds held more water than they actually dropped. One of the approaching three was taller than the other two, and Micah could tell she was a woman even though she dressed like a man. She walked in the center, between two men—one older than her and one about the same age. They all carried packs. At first, Micah thought they were lost, but as they walked closer, he doubted himself. They didn’t fuss with each other, like lost people, but had a bearing, right to his position, and they strode steady and silent toward him.

The men stopped about five feet from Micah, but the woman walked a little closer. She smiled and nodded. She had fine golden hair that spread out gently from her face in short layers, the longest reaching her neck. She was the tallest woman Micah had seen. “You were right, Gavin. We found him in the trees.”

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