Other Wind
26 / June26 / June26 / June

The Shiny Parts of Today


The bubbly receptionist with punkish dark hair and glasses at my doctor’s office who always remembers to say “Goodbye Wendy” when I’m walking out the door

Climbing the stairs to the Archives with Carl the Coarse and Cranky, an infamous regular in our Search Room, as he related to me with satisfaction how he had just gotten the better of the State by renewing his motorcycle tags the very day before registration fees go up

Kissing David on the cheek at the corner of Clinch and Market amidst the construction noise and passersby as we parted after lunch at Tomato Head

My new skirt, pictured above, from Reruns, the consignment shop downtown

Wind chimes soft upon leaving Wong’s Palace with sweet chicken teriyaki in my tummy