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“Oh Dear” Diary

My parents came down this weekend and brought two bags and a box full of my childhood. In one of the bags was my first diary, or proof that I was a strange kid. It spans December 21, 1984 to February 17, 1988, but only has 24 entries. I was an unreliable journalist back then as well. It is a small thing, the cover made of pink, puffy cardboard, torn a little at the top center. It has a Cabbage Patch Kid on it, a brunette in pink overalls, lying back, pencil in hand, pondering what to write in her own diary. She must be there to serve as inspiration.

Day: Friday
Date: Dec. 21, 1984, my first entry

I wrote this entry in print with pencil and drew a large heart over it.

dear diary
Today I was at Lunch in a cafaterea. and the food was dielishes they had hamburgers Hambergers are the best food. I’m inlove with hamburgers! if hamburgers or the greatest food I’m the greatest girl in the state. Becous I don’t Love Boys. Wendy wrote This.

Date: Sometime in 1985
I wrote this entry in cursive with pencil, but the bright pink ink of the entry on the opposite side shows through.

Dear Diary
today I went bike riding I was with a friend she went home with out saying goodbye I went to her house to ask her to play somemore but I forgot that she had to eat. (On the original, I split the word “home” between two lines, “ho” on one and “me” on the other.)

Day: Sunday
Date: April 28, 1985

In cursive, with bright pink ink

Dear Diary
I love my mom and dad but they fuss at me I thing I’ll try and be better.

Date: Sometime around January 1986
On this one, I wrote in cursive until the word USA, where I switched to print. I used blue ink and pencil.

Dear Diary
There is a war between the USA and Libiya. I hope it ends. Me and my Friends are starting a club. We are ready to fight

Date: Sometime in 1986
Blue ink, again in a blend of cursive and print

Dear Diary
The preacher is comming over tonight hope he likes the condo.

Just brilliant, Wendy