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Lickety Split

I find it strange and comforting that the world around me seems to know my mind. Whenever I’m stuck on a topic, that topic comes to me in droves. I am surrounded by it. Now, I could be rational and see that, when this happens, my mind is probably just honing in on what it wants, being drawn to that which melds with its own preoccupations, or in fact creating relationships between its preoccupations and events in the outside world. But, I’m a rather sentimental person, and I like to think that things are falling into place as they should, that my fascinations are being drawn out in good time.

I’m reading Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes, which is turning out to be different from the movie I loved as a kid. Or maybe, an older me is the major difference. And of course, the book weaves right in with my thoughts at the moment, my wonderings about imagination and child sight. Here’s a passage I’ve just come across about Will and Jim, best friends, young boys growing more up and away from each other as time passes:

And running, Will thought, Boy, it’s the same old thing. I talk. Jim runs. I tilt stones, Jim grabs the cold junk under the stones and—llickety-split! I climb hills. Jim yells off church steeples. I got a bank account, Jim’s got the hair on his head, the yell in his mouth, the shirt on his back and the tennis shoes on his feet. How come I think he’s richer? Because, Will thought, I sit on a rock in the sun and old Jim, he prickles his arm-hairs by moonlight and dances with hoptoads. I tend cows. Jim tames Gila monsters. Fool! I yell at Jim. Coward! he yells back. And here we—go!
I’ve also just started Pipers at the Gates of Dawn:The Wisdom of Children’s Literature by Jonathan Cott, which I expect will weave right in as well. David and I were wandering the library, searching for travel guides to Great Britain (my vacation choice) or Pittsburgh (David’s choice), and David saw it on a shelf. I’m thankful for his eyes.

I LOVE Bradbury. I found him as a kid and have passed him to my own. I just bought a collection of 100 Bradbury short stories @ Barnes and Noble. My youngest son has begun reading Dandelion Wine, which I highly recommend.

Posted by: Timothy Tucker on August 11, 2003 05:10 AM

Great Britain? Pittsburg?

I thought you were planing on a trip to Disney World in Nov. or Dec. If not, I agree with you, although Davids' idea makes more sence.

Posted by: Mom on August 15, 2003 07:38 AM