Other Wind
10 / September10 / September10 / September


Weve had mist the past few mornings and on Sunday evening. Moist floating light and damp air. I first took notice as I walked out of the Bi-Lo on Sunday and, for a moment, held a memory of driving home into West Virginia with my parents, into mountains dewed to deep green from a rain just past or soon to come, into air hung gray. That air must have caught me just a little for it to still be here in my mind all these years later. It is strange how in many books the mist shrouds and deceives, when in my world, it lifts and gathers. It reveals what I often miss in the glare and makes a moment still and stand apart. Ive been peeking out the window in the shower these past few mornings, for mist lingering. So far, so good.