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Loot from DragonCon

Splayed with corners weighted down on our dining room table for the past two weeks have been these prints I bought at DragonCon. The first, by Don Maitz, is called It Takes Courage and the second, by Rowena, is Dragon Hatchling. Both of the artists were at the Con and autographed the prints for me. Rowena misheard me and spelled my name “Wendi.” Don Maitz didn’t ask my name, but he did throw in an autographed Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum label.

I’ve started growing a collection of prints for which I don’t have frames or wall space. The plan is to buy enough frames so we can rotate all the prints when we feel like changing the scenery, but first we have to find a good way to store them when they’re not on the wall. David said we might want to keep these prints “off the wall,” since dragons all over the place would be kind of weird and scary. I don’t agree. Especially about It Takes Courage.

David bought the print below, called Ancient Red, and got to talk a bit with Larry Elmore, the artist, while Elmore was signing it. It’s one of the original Dungeons and Dragons covers, and David couldn’t pass it up. He told Elmore that the image really stood out from his childhood. Elmore said a lot of people had told him that. He also said he laughs when he sees the painting because the shield is too large, like a hubcap.

Elmore? Cool. He is from my hometown. He uses the locals as models. He drives this really cool bucket hot rod around town. My sister -in-law is his cousin. Hasn't gotten me a free print or nuthin though ;)

Posted by: Timmy T on September 17, 2003 07:17 AM