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Inside Addition

I took this picture a few months ago while on a tour of the new addition into which our office (and entire collection) will be moving this holiday season. Construction has come a long way since then. Except for the last few days during which I’ve been helping set up our exhibit for Tennessee Archives Week, my time at work has been devoted to preparing for the move. I’ve got to start some strength training soon, so I’ll be ready to lift.

Construction reigns downtown. The park across the street and Market Square are being remodeled. Almost every time I walk through it all, I hear someone complaining about how the park looks. I’ve been trying to reserve judgment, afterall, anything under construction looks bad, but that’s getting harder. I don’t see any shady areas for outdoor lunch. I wonder if the construction workers resent all the negative talk they hear. They didn’t design the remodel, but they’ve been spending a lot of time on it.