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Shelf Space

I’ve been quiet here since returning from the archivists’ conference. We are getting ready for a giant move at work, and most of the planning is falling to me. At home, I conk out and knit mom’s scarf in front of the TV. Tuesday was David’s birthday, and since it was Veterans’ Day, I had the day off. I straightened house, and then made stuffed pasta shells and brownies (from a box) for David. Cooking makes me happy.

The toilet clogged Wednesday night. That’s what happens when you put Viva paper towels in it. David fixed it with his super powers. Ok, he’d probably say it was his repeated plunging that did the job, but I like melodrama. I’m calling him David the Plunger now. He doesn’t like that.

Sleep was restless the last two nights. Instead of dancing sugar plums, I had visions of archival shelving. My boss just left for vacation. I leave for vacation in two weeks! Then, the move hits. Then, maybe I’ll see sugar plums.