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Three for Three

I received my third letter of rejection yesterday. That’s three for three. It had been six months since I submitted a memoir about my neighbor Martha for a book about Knoxville, so I had guessed the editors weren’t going to use it. It was good to hear from them, though. I have resolved to submit more. No one will bite if I don’t stick my feet in deeper. Three tries is wimpy.

I asked Martha for permission to submit the memoir. I hope she doesn’t ask when it will turn up in print! I should have spent more time on it. It was a hasty piece, and I’m sure anyone reading it could tell.

I pulled out my White Lilies and Rain story and made adjustments last night. I think it is better now, but I’m going to work on it some more before I submit it. I need to write more short stories, but my longer story (dare I call it a novel) about Micah is where I really want to be.* It won’t get done if I keep piddling around, and it certainly won’t get done if I abandon it for shorter things.

Tonight, though, I’ll be at the movies. Honor called to invite David and me to a free sneak preview of Resident Evil: Apocalypse. David loves Milla. I love movies. So we’re pretty happy.

I hope Micah doesn’t go on strike.

*Late last week, I spent sometime organizing Micah’s world. I gathered all the material I’ve written so far and put it in order. Then I went through it and made a list of characters, places, historical events, etc… (It is a fantasy, so it lends itself to lists.) Now, I want to make a basic map and have David embellish it for me. I love being a geek.

Honor and I had fun with you two last night... to see this blog post the next day is almost like you answered my request. This is a GOOD coincidence.

Posted by: Drew on September 10, 2004 03:47 PM