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Update on House Kin

Update on this post: This guy actually turned out to be quite a jerk. He ended up pulling out of the deal after the house inspection, but not like any normal person would. He didn’t just void the contract (like he had every right to do after the house inspection, with no questions asked). No, instead of letting us know he wasn’t interested anymore, he made several demands (a few of which were rather odd) and then pulled out of the deal after David and I spent several days in angst before deciding to meet all of the demands but one. What was the one demand we couldn’t meet? We couldn’t provide paperwork regarding some work that had been done on the house BEFORE we bought it. We couldn’t provide paperwork we didn’t have. So, he pulled out. In the mean time, we made an offer on another house and pulled those poor sellers into this guy’s den of anxiety and trouble.

It is suffice to say that the whole process smelled very fishy to us from the get go, especially in regards to how his real estate agents treated us. We are pretty sure that something more was going on, and at the very least, that they knew he was going to back out and did absolutely nothing to make the process go more smoothly for us. I should have paid more attention to my gut feeling from the start, but I was pretty excited about moving. Both of us were.

Now we know more about this big, bad world. And, we know not to trust people who wear the same outfit two days in a row.