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Apollo Landing!

We are going to Dragon Con this weekend! David and I will be alone this year. (Honor and Drew have rejected us for their family vacation in Hilton Head. Dweebs). We will only be able go on Sunday and Monday, since we too have family obligations in the form of the annual Fetzer family reunion down on the Ocoee. Weíve already informed the family that weíll be skipping out on the tubing and corn maze part of the weekend to partake of stormtrooper and Klingon overload in grand ole Atlanta instead. They claim to understand, but we might be the butt of a few jokes (or at least an ďAre those freaks really full cousins?Ē) as they drift down the lower Ocoee with their bottoms dragging the water.

But do I mind? Iíll be chin deep in Firefly, Battlestar, and Star Trek (with a little of The Tribe thrown in as well). Iíll be in the same room with Apollo. (And his British accent. Swoon.) I might get to hear Robert Jordan talk, although we arenít sure we can fit that session in. Number Six and Starbuck wonít be there, so David wonít get quite the same thrill as I will, but Iím sure heíll do just fine with Inara and Kaylee. I plan to make it to a few writing sessions as well, so the whole weekend wonít really be spent stalking my TV heroes and their look-alikes. I promise. Maybe.

David has now informed me that Apollo will not be attending afterall. I am quite forlorn. Still looking forward to it though!

Update: Good news for David—Number Six seems to be on the guest list now.