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Dragon Con: What he said, plus a “little” something extra

For now, I won’t say much about Dragon Con 2005 since David has pretty much covered it. I even enjoyed Tricia Helfer as much as he did. OK, probably not as much. We were together almost the entire time, except when I slipped out of the Connor Trineer session to hear Robert Jordan and his wife. I didn’t stay long, for I realized that as much as I enjoy the Wheel of Time books, Connor Trineer just grabs me more in person.

My favorite part of the event besides all that was probably this. His adam’s apple is bigger than my wrist. I’m not even a “super muscles” kind of gal, but he was just so striking in person. If I lived in a medieval village, I’d want him to be my neighbor. I wish I could find a picture of his chainmail costume, but alas, it is late and I must sleep. (I will post one if I ever come across it. I should have snapped my own, but I was too shy to ask. I repeat, I was too shy to ask a guy standing around for dozens of cameras if I could have his picture.)

David and I plan to start working out soon.