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Three times now I have screwed off the cap of my diet coke to discover that I’ve won a free liter of coke product. The first time, I carried the cap around in my purse for several weeks with false hopes that I would remember to use it. The second, I forgot about my lucky win before I even finished the bottle and threw the cap away. The third time, yesterday, I managed to remember to keep the cap, although I still haven’t figured out where I can find a one liter coke product.

At the Coldplay concert in Charlotte on Friday night, we were told that we could only take our bottled water into the amphitheater if we let the bag searchers take the caps off. We obliged, but I thought the request was very odd. Ben suggested that maybe they were afraid we’d use the bottles as weapons, and that with the caps off, the bottles would be much less dangerous. That is the only explanation the three of us could reason out. If we were correct, the event managers were being very wise. I was just aching to throttle someone with my luke-warm Aquafina (maybe even Chris Martin, from our blanket way up on the lawn, were he to hit a sour note).

Bottlecaps are (probably) my favorite junk candy. However, the last box I purchased was old and the caps were hard, especially the coke and root beer ones. Almost none of them dissolved into that nice little soda-esque powder my tongue has come to love.

I think I sense a trend.