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Crumb Fairy Secrets

Creep under the table
wait quiet beside the chairs
and you’ll catch crumbs
when the children crunch their cookies.

tickle the feet,
soft and quick
with the tip of your nose
or blow crumbs across the toes,
so they’ll spill the milk.

You’ll have a dip,
crazy, cold, and quivering,
covered up in creamy white.
Then you’ll float away,
happy on a crumby day.

Be careful though,
or you’ll be stuck
with wings too wet to fly away
before the mom comes
to cry over spilt milk,
even though
you’ve heard her say not to.

(This poem and Dream Like a Fairy are the first two of a group I plan on doing. They are poems to teach children—or silly adults like me—how to act like Fairies. I hope David will do some illustrations for me when I’m done. These are just rough drafts. They are all I have so far. I hope to add more and make improvements.)

that poem is absolutley awsome your the first person i know (not that i really know you) but the first person i have rad of their poems and it hasnt rhymed...that is absolutley outstanding!!!!!

Posted by: kate on November 18, 2004 02:25 AM