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Micah (Excerpt 4)

Even though dinner was to be at 6:00 pm sharp, Mr. Antrim and Adra were the only ones in the dining hall when Micah arrived with Gavin and Derik. Adra sat stiff at the table. Her gaze reached out the windows, which spanned the entire opposing wall. Mr. Antrim kneeled by the fire and poked at the embers with an iron rod. They awakened from their separateness when they noticed the guests had entered the hall.

Adra walked over to the buffet to prepare drinks as her father asked Gavin about his tour of the grounds. She wore a dark blue velvet gown that reached the floor, and had loosely belted a thin black rope around her hips, the ends of which almost reached the floor as well. The dress fit snugly on her torso but loosened gradually between her hips and feet. She looked pretty. Micah thought this was the same dress she had been wearing when they had arrived at the estate, but he wasn’t sure, since her sisters seemed to be taking their time to change for dinner. She was of middle height and had a soft smoothness to her, which gave her form a steadiness, an ease, like that of the smile she had given him earlier. Her hair was almost the same shade of brown as his, but she had it up in a bun so he couldn’t tell how long it was.

As she brought some meade to the table, her sisters entered the hall. Corine blushed as she took her seat next to Derik. Micah tried to remember whether she or Adra was the youngest. Nera was the oldest and had married already.

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