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Cobweb Acrobat

Wherever cobwebs flounce about
in corner high or under couch,
the cobweb acrobat appears
to entertain his peers for cheers.
He offered me his wispy trick
one rainy day when I was sick,
and told me I could teach my friends
as soon as I was on the mend.

First he said to lick your hands,
so they won’t stick or tear the strands.
Then shimmy up the gossamer
until you reach its empty core.
Once there, you bow and blow a kiss
and prance around with fairy priss.
When your fans have had their clap,
you cross the web just like a map.
Slap around, ring to ring.
Flip on every other string.

Take care to keep the web intact,
or spider won’t invite you back.
But if you treat her as a queen,
she’ll weave more webs where you can cling,
and spare you from her stunning sting.
Then you’ll have a dandy act,
and fairy fans will spread the fact
that you’re a cobweb acrobat.

(This is the latest in my Fairy Instruction Series.* It is just a first draft, but I like it so far.)

*Dream Like a Fairy
*Crumb Fairy Secrets

I just want to know if you have tried wetting your hands and climbing the web?

Posted by: Mom on January 29, 2003 08:06 AM

Yes, but it doesn't work so well for big people. I guess fairies have a weight advantage.

Posted by: Wendy on January 29, 2003 10:52 AM